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Man Wakes up to Find 2 Burglars in Ski Masks

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"Being startled and not knowing what they had, and not being prepared to defend yourself."

A surprising start to one Fargo man's morning as he wakes up to a flashlight being shined in his face. Just before  3:00 Friday morning, John Fetsch woke up to two men in his home wearing ski masks.

"One guy was standing right there, he flashed the flashlight, I was sleeping right there, he flashed the flashlight from there,

Thursday night, John couldn't get to sleep so he moved down into his basement of his home on the 2800 block of Park View Drive.

"That's when I woke up," he explains. "He was standing there, and another guy was in my office he was standing there, and I got up yelled at them and they high-tailed it out."

Two men were in the process of robbing his home.

"I looked up and said 'HEY!'

After yelling the two men took off out a door they had propped open.

"By the time I had a chance to get up the stairs they were way gone."

John says he may have left the back door unlocked, because there was no sign of a forced entry.

"Excellent reminder to remind people to just to lock their doors. We do live in a safe community but things like this can happen," Fetsch explains.. saying his home didn't seem to be the only one they tried to break into.

"They hit one of these houses, and then they came through the back, and then they hit the house next to me, they didn't break in, and then they broke into my house."

John and his neighbors say now they will take extra pre-cautions. "Well we'll lock our doors for sure, we'll double check that. And we also have a dog so that helps a little bit too."

He never did get a good nights sleep. 

"It's quite the way to wake up."

He's thankful nothing was stolen but if anything were to happen again he'll be ready.

"So I'll be putting alarm systems put in, so you give me a minute and if I'm wide awake ill do what I have to do."

The burglars took off, and a Fargo Police K9 team scrambled over to track the scent but lost it where police think the men got into a car. Nothing was taken from the home, but Fetsch says he found one expensive item sitting out of place by the front door; He thinks the robbers set it aside, and forgot to grab in the rush out the front door.


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