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A Cab that Doesn't Just Pick You Up, But Your Car too

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Over the past three years in Minnesota, the month of December has been a deadly one. The three months have claimed a total of 28 lives due to drunk driving. And in just those three months nearly 75-hundred Minnesotans were arrested for d-w-i's. New year's holiday enforcement is in full effect in both North Dakota and Minnesota. So if you plan on celebrating with alcohol, start planning your ride home now.

New Years Eve is bound to be a blast but trying to figure out your riding, or driving situation for the big night is a must. Today Valley News Live chatted with a bartender and a driving service provider in the Fargo Moorhead area, you might not have heard of till now.

New Years Eve is a night not all that different than any other night downtown. Just ask Joel Hebert the club manager at downtown Fargo's VFW. "Downtown any weekend night is pretty crazy. There's kids in the street, people everywhere. There's cabs, police, it's nuts. It's totally nuts." Says Hebert.

Hebert has been in the business of serving drinks for the past twenty years. But on New Years Eve he tends to see the more extreme side of celebrations, "very rowdy, very noisy, a lot of people out having as much fun as possible, in as little time as possible."

He says don't bank on hitting the curb and just flagging down a taxi cab. Getting a ride out of downtown Fargo on the weekend can be tough any night of the week. Odds are if you made that call after midnight on a Friday or Saturday you heard the busy tone. But there are some services out there, it just all boils down to pre-planning.

Preston Mansfield owns Alternative Ride FM which is one cab service provider that's a bit different. "There are people out there with bigger needs than just needing a ride home. They want their car too." Says Mansfield.

At Alternative Ride FM they've been filling that niche of picking you and your car up for the past couple years. They'll drive within 20 miles of the Fargo Moorhead area. "We cover all the way from Dilworth to West Fargo to Eagle Run." Says Mansfield.

All for a flat rate of 25 bucks within the metro. With that fee drivers employed through Alternative Ride FM say customers get a relief in the form of peace of mind. Kenneth Forster, one of five driver teams employed through Mansfield says it's a service that keeps folks out of jail; "I think the biggest thing as Preston said, we get them home with out getting a dui and we get there vehicle home. And that's the biggest thing, cause we've had people comment, yes we can take a cab, but then our vehicle is sitting where ever."

And while their phone lines are open at till 3am, take a lesson from Hebert, "call as early as possible, tell them you're it at such and such a place, at such and such a time."

At Alternative Ride FM they will not pick you up if you don't have a car. That's there niche. They tell Valley News Live they've gone as deep out of Fargo as Casselton and Kindred. But it's not going to happen on a whim. The earlier you can set it up, the better your odds. Kind of a neat service though that's making our roads safer.

Remember if you see an impaired driver out on New Year's or any night for that matter, don't hesitate to call 9-1-1. Include the license plate number, location, and the type of dangerous driving that you've seen.

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