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DUIs During the Holidays

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North Dakota's alcohol related crashes have increased over the past years, over half of those alcohol related crashes results in someone being killed. And now through the holidays law enforcement is cracking down on drunk drivers. Any holiday where families and friends join together worries law enforcement that people will drink and get behind the wheel.

Valley News Live rode along with the North Dakota State Patrol Sgt. Troy Hischer today to talk with them about the busy holiday season and the reasons why even if you aren't drinking, you should still be responsible for those who are.

North Dakota has been seeing a higher rate of deadly alcohol related crashes, but thankfully State Patrol haven't had too much trouble this Christmas. "We have not that I know of dealt with an alcohol violation here in the south east region since Monday." Sgt. Hischer says.

Christmas falling in the middle of the week may be helping keep drunk drivers off the highway. "It sure seems pretty odd that we do not have a dui arrest here real close to Fargo from the highway patrol, over Christmas." says Hischer. It's not just impaired drivers law enforcement is worried about, also the cold has become a bigger problem. Hischer continues, "This cold is extremely hard on your vehicle, and pushing the speed limit which is another big factor of fatalities that we have her in North Dakota, pushing the speed limit that all increases the mechanical stress on your vehicle and the likely hood of a breakdown."

And just because they didn't have to make any arrests the other night doesn't mean drunk drivers will not be on the road. "So people need to be real cautious through the evening hours traffic will be pretty thick probably until midnight or so tonight, so people need to be real cautious." Be on guard so you can stay safe and remember drinking and driving comes with serious consequences. Your first offence could cost you 250 dollars and up to 30 days in jail.

Law enforcement warns everyone to be careful out on the roads both tonight and next week for New Years Eve.


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