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Santa Gets a Little Extra Help from Law Enforcement

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We know he's not supposed to come till later tonight. But earlier today Valley News teams Eric Crest and photo journalist Dylan Jacobson started their own personal quest looking everywhere for Santa Claus. Unfortunately, they couldn't find him. But they did find the some folks handing out gifts that you probably wouldn't expect.

Today members of the West Fargo police had a pursuit of a different kind. They weren't pounding on doors trying to find trouble makers, they were looking for kids on the good list.

"We're here to hand out some presents you want some presents." Said officer Cody Beilke of the West Fargo Police department as he found a couple of kids that made it on his good list.

The children on the receiving end didn't know what to make of a cop that was looking for them. Mathew Severson says he was excited to see them, but not initially,"I was nervous at first because I thought we did something bad."

His mother Kristi Severson felt similar to her son at first too, "I was like oh my god what'd we do. I was like I didn't do nothing. Ha ha ha! It shocked me!"

Officer Beilke says when fellow officers and him go knocking on doors they often get that sort of reaction, "most of the time they're pretty surprised! The kids really enjoy it, the parents are usually surprised because when people see the police they think the worst right away. But it turns out to be a pleasant thing and it makes people happy."

Fargo, West Fargo, and the Cass County Sheriff's office were all out today. Trying to find kids that kept their nose clean throughout the year. They couldn't get to everybody, but for those that they could track down, it was a little Christmas Eve treat.

"They brought in a bunch of presents and I was surprised. I got a foosball table!" Says Mathew.

While you might think the last person to seek out the good kids would be the police. It's the kids, that knew the cops were the good guys all along. "I always thought they were good guys, now I even think they're even better." says Mathew.

While his mother, Kristi is just grateful that police take time out of their holiday, to go the extra mile for local kids; "they actually care you know, that's really truly thoughtful of them."

The West Fargo officers handed out over 30 presents today. They found kids all over town and it wasn't limited to West Fargo. The Fargo Police Department was out late this afternoon too, you might have seen Mr. and Mrs. Claus riding around in a vintage 1967 Chevy police cruiser. It wasn't Santa, it was actually Deputy Chief Pat Claus and his wife, Officer Claus.

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