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Disturbing Full Body Search: What are Your Rights?

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 A disturbing case in Texas raises questions about our civil rights during a traffic stop…. right here in the Valley.

   It happened in Texas. Two women were pulled over by Troopers for throwing a cigarette butt out their window.

  What happened next was caught on the trooper's dash cam.

  The Texas Trooper told the women he smelled marijuana in their vehicle. He called in a female trooper, who proceeded to give both women a full, cavity search, front and back, while using the same latex glove.

  The trooper found nothing and both women were sent on their way. The trooper who did the search has been suspended and the two women have filed a lawsuit claiming violation of privacy.

  Here in the Valley, law enforcement officials say you won't get that kind of treatment out on the highway.

Sheriff Bob Rost, GF County: "We do not do a body cavity search. When and if we find the narcotics in the car the person is placed under arrest. But at no time do we do a full, body cavity search."

  However, Rost says if you are arrested for something, you can expect a cavity search, when you're booked into jail.

Sheriff Bob Rost: "That is done at the correctional facility, when that person is booked into the jail. In many instances, we have been called back to the jail because something has been found, contraband or whatever, when they do the body cavity search, before they put them in coveralls."

  And Rost says the same rules regarding cavity searches apply to other state and city law enforcement agencies in North Dakota.

    A Texas official says that any search that unreasonably invades the bodily integrity of a citizen is in violation of the fourth amendment and is therefore in violation of Texas policy.

  Texas officials are still reviewing the officer's actions in that case.

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