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Extra Police at Moorhead High after Rumors of Threat

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The Moorhead police department and school officials are calling it just a rumor. But today at Moorhead high school several police officers were on campus as students arrived. Their presence was just to put students fears of a potential shooting there to rest. But as Valley News Live reports, confusion and miscommunication still left some worried.

All high schools have them, rumors. But the rumor at Moorhead high school that started on Wednesday had students and parents wondering, some even worrying, if this one had any truth to it at all.

When Moorhead sophomore Joe Cahill got to school he was surprised with what he encountered, "there were cops all over the school. Kids were saying a kid brought a gun to school. I don't even know."

Some parents even decided to pick their kids up. Deeann Keller was disappointed she had to find out about the situation through a friend of the family, "they just said that there was a rumor going around that the kids were getting texts about a shooting and there was going to be a shooting today. And I'd rather be safe than sorry and take my kid out."

The Moorhead police were on campus to assure students that they heard about the situation too. Though they didn't buy into the multiple versions that were reported. Students like Cahill weren't necessarily put at ease by their presence,"I saw an undercover charger that was a cop car that I've never seen before at the school."

Authorities heard so many variations of what was allegedly going to happen, that today they said they're confident it was all here say. But with their presence, did come a heightened awareness of a potential threat. Cahill says some teachers even locked their classroom doors,"they just wanted to feel safer I guess from all the cops that were showing up there."

Many teachers and parents were in the same boat, not knowing about the unexpected presence of police this morning. Rumor or otherwise... What ever the situation. It makes Keller question, shouldn't she have been informed?

"Yeah I do, I do. Just because there was that threat. And for us to have that opportunity to keep them out if we wanted to." Says Keller.

The Moorhead police department says if they could pin-point where the rumor started, it would hold a pretty serious charge of terrorist threats. They also tell us they're not looking into Moorhead's threat/rumor, any further.


Extra police patrols are at Moorhead high school Thursday after rumors of a threat. The rumors surfaced Wednesday and Moorhead police did a threat assessment, but found no basis to support the rumors.

Director of human resources at Moorhead high, Kristin Dehmer, says school is in session as normal, but a few parents have pulled students from school.

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