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HealthierMe: Text Neck

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  Your smartphone can be a real pain in the neck... Literally. Carpel tunnel is so five years ago. Doctors say "text neck" is the new tech-induced body ailment.

  Andrea Dinneen is always connected.

  Andrea Dinneen/Sanford Health: "I'm on my phone all of the time. I am always checking my emails and text messages."

  The media relations rep at Sanford Health travels with two phones and a iPad at all times. And, it starting to take a toll on her body.

  Andrea: "I can tell I have had bad posture during the day when at night I am in bed and my neck feels like it is pulling through my head."

  Physical therapist Matthew Jacques says Andrea's condition is becoming more and more common.

   Matthew Jacques/Sanford Health Physical Therapist: "A lot of times people have localized pain, side pain and sometimes it is just really bad headaches."

  If you don't spend a lot of time on a tablet or smartphone... Don't think you are immune from this new problem. Physical therapists say you strain your neck sitting at a computer. And how many of you have tilted your neck to hold the work phone while working at your desk.

  Matthew: "The older generations may not be texting as much, but they are on the computer. They will have postural discomfort from like...just like they would if they were texting all day."

  Matthew says a few simple steps can help, including rolling your shoulders back and being aware of your posture.

  Matthew: "Bring your device up to eye level and change your posture out of those cramped positions."

  Andrea says she willing to bring her phone up... If her pain level goes down.

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