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F-M Area's Beaver Problem

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There are some busy beavers at work in the F-M area, and we're not talking about Christmas shoppers.  Along the Red River, beavers have been taking down trees to build lodges.

If you've recently walked down by the river, and noticed some trees missing there is a reason, beavers.

"We've seen them chewing on some larger trees, and typically they won't drop those trees or anything." says the director of Fargo Parks Dave Leker. But even if they don't drop it doesn't mean it isn't bad for the trees. Usually beavers go after the smaller trees, but right now they are also going after the big ones, they gnaw off all the bark which kills the trees. But there are some things that you can do to make them stop.

"Probably the most economical way of dealing with beaver is wrapping the trees, probably a couple three feet up as high as a beaver can stand off the ground, with chicken wire or some kind of wire mesh to keep the beavers in, they'll leave it alone." says Doug Leier with North Dakota Game and Fish.

And no matter where you move them, if you live by the river there's always a chance of more beavers. Leier says, "There's a pretty good chance that once you remove 2 or 3 beaver or however many beaver around the area, there's going to be the next generation of beavers that are going to move right back into there. They are naturally occurring, similar to having rabbits in your garden, or wood peckers on your trees."

So the best thing to do is leave them alone. "If it's manageable, you know, we just let the beavers be." says Leker. Leier adds saying, "One of the things we try to pass along to people is understanding the fact that they are going to be there, and you're almost better off acclimating to them."

If you do live by the river and beavers are gnawing at your trees, North Dakota Game and Fish say that now that the weather has changed, the beavers will be spending most of their time in their lodges until spring.

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