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Strangers Helping Strangers - FM Community Known For Helping

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You could call it the "Christmas spirit", or maybe just the "Fargo spirit." Police say our area has a high amount of people turning in people's lost wallets, purses and jewelry.

In a downtown atmosphere, it's easy to look out for just yourself.

Jacob Boucher of Fargo says, "I had no idea it had happened."

But someone was looking out for Jacob Boucher.

"Half of my rent money. My girlfriend's half. I was going to bring it to the bank," says Jacob.

He was walking through downtown when he got a call, took his phone out of his pocket and kept going. Little did he know he had dropped his wallet, full of his rent money. But within a half hour, he got a call that the police station had it, full of credit cards, hundreds of dollars and his ID.

"Amazed. I was really happy about it," says Jacob.

But this isn't the first time. Fargo police say it happens every week, actually, almost every day.

Deputy Chief David Todd with the Fargo Police Department says, "They're giving it to us so that we can give it to the person and restore their life in effect when it's something as big as their rent."

Deputy Chief Todd adds that it's more than just the "Christmas spirit". It happens year round, and most of the time, people remain anonymous.

"They just, here, I'm going to do a good thing and I don't need to be recognized," says Deputy Chief Todd.

And that's what happened in Jacob's case.

"I have no idea who it was," says Jacob.

The person who found his wallet, didn't want to be a hero.

"I'm really thankful," says Jacob.

And that person's random act of "Fargo" kindness...

Jacob says, "I get to keep my apartment for another month."

...May have just made Jacob's Christmas a littler merrier.

Recently, someone turned in a very expensive necklace that was found at West Acres Mall, and police are hoping to get it back to it's rightful owner. If it's yours, they say to give them a call and tell them the approximate time and date it was lost.

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