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Johnson's Barn Forced to Consider Their Stance on Raves

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It's a staple to the community that's been running for nearly 60 years. We're talking about a little piece of land out in Arthur, North Dakota known as Johnson's Barn. They host concerts and parties over the weekend, and they're not going anywhere. But as Valley News Live reports, the Cass County Sheriff's Office is asking that they quit hosting a particular kind of party.

Out in rural Arthur, North Dakota it's hard to believe that this barn is the stomping grounds for some pretty serious parties. The next surprising fact, the Cass County Sheriff's Department was at many of the parties, but they were paid help offering security.

"The last rave dance brought in an estimated, on my part, would be around 500 people and the weather was pretty bad." Says Captain Mitch Burris of the Cass County Sheriff's Office.

These parties which are a small part of the different events they host at Johnson's Barn, are known as raves. These raves, they have the Cass County Sheriff's Office concerned. Off duty officers often times are hired on as security for their bigger events here.

"We know that the rave dances have a drug culture and a drug following and the majority of the attendees are using some sort of drug. Not alcohol, but some sort of illicit drug." Says Captain Burris.

Some people at the parties are so oblivious to the Sheriff's Office presence at these gatherings, officers have been approached by people looking for drugs. "On one occasion this last dance we had people knock on the window of an undercover vehicle with agents inside asking to purchase narcotics." Explains Captain Burris.

The last rave at Johnson's Barn on Saturday left 13 people arrested 9 of them on drug related charges. At the end of the night a drug sniffing dog wanted to get inside of about ten percent of the vehicles still left in the lot. That's a big part of the reason the Cass County Sheriff's Office wants to put a ka bosh on raves here.

"The ultimate decision is up to the Johnson's Barn but we would hope they would no longer sign contracts with people that would be doing raves and continue with other business." Says Captain Burris.

What it boils down to is the Cass County Sheriff's Office can't make Johnson's Barn stop hosting raves. But they won't turn a blind eye to something that's right under their nose.

The owners of Johnson's Barn weren't available for comment. But the Cass County Sheriff's Office says the two have continued to have a great relationship over their 25-plus years of working together on events.

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