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Safety When Decorating for the Holidays

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It's good to get in the spirit of the holidays, but it can also be dangerous. Each year 12,500 people get hurt during holiday decorating from cuts, shocks or falling. We followed professionals to see how to get your decorating done safe this year.

"I like multi, I like the colorful stuff."says Tom Koehlmoos. Lights, lights, lights. A word he and the Christmas decor guys hear all Christmas season long, going from house to house, or from business to business.  Matt Hinschberger answers how many houses or business can you do in a day? Hinschberger says, "In a day? Just depends on the size of the job, but could be anywhere from three, to six, to eight." And the most impressive of their work? "Gate City off 13th Ave would be our go to." Hinschberger says.

They are out working six days a week in the cold, decorating the F-M area to help light up the city for the season. Hinschberger says "We do trees, windows, anything basically on the roof, Santa's, other artificial trees pretty much anything that has to do with Christmas."

Almost 6,000 people each year fall from trying to put up Christmas decorations, so next time you thing about stepping up, think about calling the professionals first. But if you are going to do it yourself the Christmas Decor crew had some tips. Hinschberger says, "Make sure to have someone else out there standing on the ladder because a lot can go wrong with that, basically know where you're at at all times on the roof." And Koehlmoos agrees, "You gotta be aware of your surroundings so you don't slip or fall, and make sure you have a good sturdy area, three points of contact, its kinda like mountain climbing."

But if your not a mountain climber, the Christmas Decor crew is ready to help you show the spirit of the holiday on your house. "When they come home and we're still there working and they see it, the compliments we get, it's pretty good." Hinschberger says.

Before you put up lights you should check labels to be sure they are certified for outdoors. Make sure to shut off all holiday lights before you go to bed or leave the house, lights can shot out or start a fire. When you put up decorations try to have someone around to help you. Depending on the size of the job professionals can do all the work for you. It can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Christmas Decor: http://www.christmasdecor.net/cdi2/fargo

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