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Red Wine and Healthy Holidays

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Now that the cooler weather is upon us, so is the risk of catching a cold. But with the busy season of shopping for some people say they cant take any sick days.

It starts with a sniffle, then a box of tissues. Its the common cold which during the holiday season is easy to catch. Jamie Zink a Physicians Assistant at 7 Day Clinic says, "It's spread by moisture droplets, so coughing, sneezing and sometimes even talking can spread it."

Jamie tells us that added stress from the holidays can add you chances to catch the cold. "People get sick when they are stressed out, and it's mostly because your immune system is more weakened because of being stressed, so the holidays will bring a lot of that on for people too."

But there are ways to try to prevent getting sick. Zink says, "The most common thing is good hand washing of course, but other things is making sure you eat healthy, stay hydrated and get appropriate rest to keep your body not to be having your immune system run down so that your more likely to get a cold."

A surprising remedy is wine, the red stuff is packed with antioxidants which helps your body fight toxins. A study done in Spain found that people who had two glasses a day, had a 40% lower risk of catching a cold.

"Red wine is good for you, you know to take the glass a day won't hurt anybody." says Cassie McCreary a wine shopper. Happy harry's manager Brian Frank says, "The red wines have a higher percentage of resveratrol, which helps the platelets and the sticky-ness in the blood and clean all that out."

It's a remedy some wouldn't mind trying. "Any excuse to have a glass of wine is good." McCreary says.

No matter the way you want to try, Jamie advises to stay rested and hydrated to keep you healthy through the holidays.  Doctors tell us the most tried and true remedy for a cold is still vitamin c. It will not change your symptoms, but help get over the cold faster.

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