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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

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Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cancer killer.. Behind lung, colon and breast cancer. It's known as a 'silent killer' because many times it's not detected until the cancer has reached advanced stages.

Art Ginsberg-- also known as the T-v chef, Mr.. Food-- died this week from pancreatic cancer. He was diagnosed over a year ago.

A family who's father passed away from the cancer in august, say the journey has led them to spread awareness.

"You know there was really no warning," says Aimee Bagley. About a story that is all too familiar. "Our dad was alive for 9 1/2 months after his diagnosis." Bagley continues.

Its a story about family, friends, loved ones battling cancer. "The problem with pancreatic cancer is it's very hard to detect." Bagley said. Doctor John Leitch an Oncologist says, "It gets started, the cancer spreads before you can detect it and then after it spreads outside the pancreas then it's not curable."

Pancreatic cancer continues to be the least funded out of the top five cancer killers, but Aimee, Angela and Abbie are all hoping that their story will help raise awareness. "I look at that journey as not only a difficult thing, but also as a blessing because we had that time to do the things with dad that he enjoyed and we were trying to make memories with him and make memories with our children with him so we could hang on to that." says Angela Boser.

The passing of their father Michael Olson helped raise not only one but three new voices for pancreatic cancer, and today they got a chance to say thank you to the nurses that helped their father along the way.

"There is testing that can be done that can detect colon cancer and Brest cancer, before it is too late. But with pancreatic cancer there is none of that. And so we really are just trying to get the word out about pancreatic cancer, and let people know that we need to be addressing this in our society and with in the medical community." Boser said.

Right now Pancreatic Cancer life expectancy is very low, but the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network set a high goal in 2011, to double the survival rate by the year 2020.

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