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Braving the Black Friday Wilds: Lone Campers at Best Buy

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You could call it our ancestral instinct to hunt and gather kicking in. Or perhaps it's just the siren call of scoring the biggest deals in town that kicks in, every year, like clockwork. Once the turkey feast is finished, shoppers everywhere venture forth to stalk bigger game, like flat-screen TVs, discounted jewelry and shiny new tool sets for half-off. Which is why our Wednesday before Thanksgiving story is such a surprise.

Outdoorsmen and NDSU students Peter Thorson and Lincoln Mousel are, as of Wednesday evening drive time, the undisputed claimants of the all-important "Line Starts Here" spot in front of Fargo's Best Buy store. Of course, that's because they're the only two people camping out at all.

"There's this deal on a TV, and Lincoln and I both have to work on Friday," says Thorson, manfully ignoring the stares (and sometimes less than charitable comments) directed at his all-weather yellow tent Wednesday around six p.m. "Sometimes people kick the tent.... Just gotta shake it off I guess."

Mousel and Thorson brought food, water, books and other provisions to while away the time until Friday midnight's big opening. Unusually enough for people motivated to camp out for three days in front of an electronics stoner, however, the tent is bare of electronics gadgets. No laptop, no gaming system  for either of the two boys. All they have is a slowly dying cell phone.

"I had a breakdown" says Mousel from inside the tent. " I realized all I'd have to do to make up the difference (on the sale price) was to work an extra day. But I can't break down and come back. It's too embarrassing."

Too embarrassing to break down a tent? After this? we ask him.

"Yes," he says. "Almost as embarrassing as putting up a tent when you're the only one camping."

Best Buy is also opening a Best Buy Mobile store within the West Acres Mall the day after Thanksgiving.


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