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Cease Fire as War Streams into Valley Homes

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  A cease fire was brokered, between Israel and Gaza, following a week of growing tension in the Middle East.

  And what's been happening on the other side of the world in Israel this week has been streaming right into our homes via social media sites like twitter and facebook.

  As rockets flew out of Gaza into Israel and Israel counter attacked…. Photos, videos and comments came back in almost real time to anyone with an Internet connection.

Israeli Man: "The main damage is more than 7,300 people that suffer from post trauma in this town. Seventy-five-percent of the children of this town suffer from post trauma."

  Young Israeli men and women, who are all required to serve in the military, streamed back photos and comments. Most commented on how proud they were regarding Israel's stand against Gaza.

 Harry Leichter, Grand Forks: "Israel just wants to stomp out this threat, because every time they have a truce, they turn around and break the truce and re-arm and it goes all over again."

   Leichter, a long time student of Israel, has been watching this latest Middle East drama unfold minute by minute over the internet.  He also writes a worldwide newsletter on Jewish issues and says he was just talking by telephone to relatives in Israel.

  Harry Leichter, Grand Forks: "Rockets haven't quite reached them. One went over them into the west back and into a Palestine area."

Reporter: "This is personal for you?"

Leichter: "Everything is personal to me. The Jewish people are personal to me, because everywhere we go everybody seems to want to wipe us out, except the United States… so far..ha, ha."

  If you'd like to learn more about the Jewish perspective on all this, you can find Leichter's  newsletter and much more at: www.schmoozenews.com

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