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Unique and Unusual Medical Procedures

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When we think of the doctor, we think of healing, and medical procedures that can save our lives. What about the procedures that just make our life better? Procedures that can change our outside, and make us better on the inside.

Angie Hansen of Barnesville says, "It was scary. At frist, you don't know what is happening.

When Angie Hansen was at the age of figuring herself out, she lost a part of herself that usually defines a young woman.

Hansen says, "It was difficult. My hair fell out in clumps. I'd wake up and there would be clumps of hair on my pillow."

And what happens on the outside, can affect you on the inside. After years of wigs and drawing on her eyebrows, tattoo makeup became her medicine.

Hansen says, "A lot less conscious and worrying about what, you know, if my eye brows are going to wipe off today or not."

She had her eyebrows tattooed on. It's a popular way women with hair loss cope. And while medical issues affect an individual, some can affect those around you.

Dr. Susan Mathison at Catalyst Medical Center says, "When you're sitting at your desk and your shirts are all pitted out, it gets to be uncomfortable."

Pam Heisler of Fargo says, "Just a little self-conscious."

Hesiler's underarms kept her under pressure, constantly worrying about sweat marks. So instead of doubling up on deodorant, she shrunk her sweat glands.

Dr Mathison says, "You kind of injure the sweat glands, cause them to shrink up so they don't produce sweat."

It's a problem that just plain stinks. And after the procedure, you won't need any deodorant anymore.

It takes two somewhat painless procedures and costs about $3000. That sounds like a lot, but you save on deodorant, right?

Dr. Mathison says, "That ends up to be a lot of deodorant, but in terms of giving you that self-confidence."

And unlike botox injections, which can be a temporary fix for perspiration, shrinking your sweat glands can rid you of not only deoderant, but also the embarrassment of pit stains forever.

Heisler says, "Not to ruin your clothes, the gym, not to worry about that."

And from cosmetic medicine... To the creepy crawly kind. You've seen them in movies, and possibly your nightmares. And believe it or not, but gross little leeches and maggots are still used in wound care.

Sanford Registered Nurse, Emily Greenstein, says, "They're probably the best thing out there that can clean up debris or wounds."

They've been a round for centuries, and doctors say it seems modern medicine cannot take its place. Leeches can be used for getting rid of excess blood, usually in the mouth, and maggots for healing diabetic wounds or ulcers. But convincing patients can be tough.

Greenstein says, "It takes a lot of convincing and a lot of 'This will be for the best. It will be great. We've had good outcomes'. They do feel them and they do feel them more because they get bigger with, obviously they eat more, they get bigger."

The effectiveness, and it being approved by the FDA, can usually sway them. And as medicine keeps growing, all that matters is that people are healing on the inside and out.

Sanford uses maggots and leeches a few times a year. Maggots are usually left on a patient for 24 to 48 hours. Leeches are only on for a couple hours, and usually have to be sewn on because they're so squirmy.

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