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SawStop Saves Fingers

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Every nine minutes of the day, a craftsman finds him- or herself living every woodworker's nightmare: having a run-in with saw blade. Yet one company is looking to change this startling statistic with a new piece of equipment aimed at helping save your fingers from the danger of the blade.

Saws built by the SawStop company have a special feature which stops the blade if it comes in contact with flesh. It happens fast, dropping the blade from upwards of 5,000 RPM to 0 in just five milliseconds -- ten times faster then an air bag deploying.

The SawStop has been on the market for a couple of years, already saving thousands of fingers, and the company hopes to start saving more here in ND.

"I had two guys this morning come up to me to say just last week my friend lost a finger," says Greg Tamm, a regional sales manager for SawStop. While machines equipped with SawStop are not cheap (they can cost around $4,000), it's still a small price to pay in light of what it can save: according to OSHA, an average amputation costs $100,000.

The SawStop is available at the ACME stores in Fargo and Grand Forks.

Some local schools are also bringing the SawStop into tech and shop classrooms.


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