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Hostess Closing Plants Across U.S.

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On Friday some dessert cake lovers started having some serious withdrawals. Hostess, the company that brought us the iconic Twinkie and Wonderbread, shut down shops across the country. It was a dispute between corporate and striking workers.

Hostess, the company that managed to gross about 2 billion dollars annually closed. Valley News Live had to head out of the valley to get our hands on some of the last Twinkies in the area.

Turns out it's pretty hard to find a Twinkie in the Fargo Mooorhead area so we had to travel all the way to Fergus Falls to find some. After a couple of failed attempts we landed at Casey's General Store where we struck golden sponge pastry gold.

Folks in Fergus Falls might be disappointed to hear we bought every last one at Casey's General Store, only 7 packs of two. But in our defense, we made sure they made it into the right hands. "Well there an American icon. They've been around since the great depression. Back then they had banana filling rather then what they have now." Says Bradley Mockley of Fergus Falls, a Twinkie enthusiast.

The folks who grew up on the golden crusted cream filled delicacies still think about the good times they had too. "Every kid that carried a metal pale or lunch bag to school when we were kids had a Twinkie in them." Wade Hansen recalls of his days growing up. Then there's Spencer Imsande who wouldn't utter a diss about their legacy, "I've never heard somebody complain about twinkies."

But on Friday the legendary Twinkies, and yeah, Zingers too, came to an end. They filed bankruptcy earlier in the year and today closed their 36 plants down across the US. Leaving a lot of folks wondering, is someone going to come in to save their favorite snack.

"It's a bummer, a real bummer." Says Imsande who can't seem to shake the disbelief.

So if you still have some lying around, don't just indulge. Know that this could be the last time you get the chance to enjoy the real deal. Because there really aren't any substitutes. And despite popular belief about how long they last, it's not indefinitely. But Mockley seems to think so, "I don't know forever. Ha ha ha." They do have a recommended shelf life of just over three weeks actually, so don't wait to long to crack them open.

Valley News Live's Eric Crest was just giving them away this afternoon, but we found a box of Twinkies on Craig's List this afternoon for 60 bucks. Hopefully Eric brought more than just a couple home.

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