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Social Media at Work

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Social media is the way people stay connected, but its also a way people are wasting the nation's money.   A new report shows 650 billion dollars in productivity is lost every year from people going online to check out Twitter, Facebook, and similar sites.

Every day people go online to check the popular sites...Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google...just to name a few.

"I have twitter channels lined up for different types of news, and I follow people I think are really smart, and basically if they post up some news, that the news I read so to me that's my news aggregator." says Josh Lysne from flint communications.

But in some work places... Jobs revolve around social media.

"With our Facebook we have over 5000 likes, and on Twitter I think we're above 2500 for followers, so as soon as we put something on there we know it's getting in the attention of our fans right away. " says Whitney Baumgartner who works as a media resource for the Fargo Force. And even when co-workers are away, Skype is an easy way to keep in touch.

On Skype, Libby Hall, also from Flint Communications, says, "Really, social media is not a fad, it's not going to go away, it is a shift in the way businesses are communicating with their target audience." So the new question is how can social media help businesses, a question Flint Communications explains to their clients everyday.

"Social media plays a critical roll for businesses both to reach their audiences but also to know what's being said about themselves." says Lysne. It's an easy way for the public to simply search for you online instead of in the yellow pages.

"Whether it's people who are in college, all the way up to 65+ people are spending greater and greater amounts of time using social tools." says Hall.

And some people killing time at their own jobs could be the ones boosting your business. If you tend to check your Facebook on the clock, you're not alone...It's said that six out of ten people visit social media sites while they are at work.

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