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BBB Warns of Anti-Aging Product

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Many of us are looking for something to turn back the hands of time. But beware, the Better Business Bureau is warning about an online company out of Minnetonka, Minnesota claiming to have a supplement that really works against aging. Valley News Live has more in tonight's schemes and rip offs.

The company, called American Anti-Aging Society Incorporated sells dietary supplements that are supposed to contain anti-aging components. We tried to contact them, their website is still up, but their phone number has been disconnected. So we asked the BBB what they've been hearing about the company that isn't only accused of not delivering their products, but also of making false claims.

"Well they're telling people on their website they can reverse the aging process through natural means. And their products are scientifically proven and those are big claims to make. Obviously people have been looking forever to make the aging process slower and we challenged their advertising and asked them to prove that their product works and the company was unable to do that." Says Dan Henrickson the BBB Communications Coordinator for Minnesota and North Dakota.

We also asked a local dermatologist about anti-aging creams. Dr. Rachel Ness a certified dermatologist out of Fargo says she hears from folks all the time who get duped into a product that is more of a gimmick than a remedy.

"As a dermatologist the most common creams, topical products people take into my office are anti-aging products. They're probably the most common that everybody is looking for. The fountain of youth."

But the truth of the matter is that the most proven effective anti-aging cream is a ingredient in many ointments, sun block. The jury is still out on the other antioxidants and botanicals found in many products.

Dr. Ness says make sure you look for three letters when trying to maintain that youthful appearance, "the one thing you're gonna want to look for in a sunscreen is look for SPF 30-50"

And if you really want to go the cream route, look for products containing retinoids, they've been proven to help with fine facial lines. You can get them over the counter or you can get a prescription from your doctor. Also you might want to consider moisturizing more often. But, try the sun block first.

Better Business Bureau officials say give them a call if you run across what sounds or looks like a scam. With so many online businesses they say, it's becoming more and more difficult to monitor every false claim out there.

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