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Preparing Your Tires for Winter

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With travel alerts being issued in the western part of the state, drivers are being encouraged to get their tires checked in the face of another harsh North Dakota winter.

Bismarck's roads could potentially be covered in snow this weekend, and drivers have already begun prepping for the snow storm. Residents are already changing out tires for better traction.

Business at Main Street Tires in Bismarck is starting to pick up, and employees say sales double every winter season.

The tread of a tire is one of the more important features of a car, and if a tire doesn't have adequate tread, it can pose serious problems, including loss of control, particularly when driving on an incline.

That's why selecting a tire that has all-season tread is important during the winter season.

Dan Schrek of Main Street Tire says one way to check to see if your tires are up-to-par is by sticking a penny into the tread. If you can still see most of the penny, it means you need new tires.

Some residents ignore their tires because they are too expensive. However, tire experts say it is something that has to be done.

"Nobody gets up in the morning and says, 'I get to go buy tires,'" Schrek says. "It's kind of like they have to go buy tires."

Some drivers understand that.

Taking care of your tires is important everywhere, but especially for the brutal North Dakota winter. Be sure to ask your tire shop or mechanic if they offer free tire inspection to let you know if your tires are wearing out.

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