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Keeping Your Bedroom a Healthy Place

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In tonight's HealthierMe, we spend roughly one-third of our lives in the bedroom, so it's no surprise that when things aren't "healthy" in the bedroom, our whole life can be affected.

As Collette Wieland shows us, there are ways to make your bedroom a more relaxing place. A bedroom should be a sanctuary, a place you go to let your mind and your body recover, but all too often it's not a restful place at all.

General clutter, dirt, and even technology can add unwanted stress in the bedroom.

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Kenneth Weizer says take those TV's, computers, and digital clocks out of the bedroom. He says everything with a screen -- yes, even your cell phone -- should plug-in somewhere else.

Also, don't forget to wash your sheets and pillows at least once a week in hot water. Dust mites love to call your mattress home, where they live on dust and sloughed-off skin cells.

Stress in the bedroom can affect your sleep and possibly even your sex life. Plus, Dr. Weizer says keeping romance alive can in turn help you sleep, and sleep reduces stress, making you a much healthier person in the long run.

Dr. Weizer also reminds you that you need to keep your room very dark room, because your body will only release melatonin when it's dark. Melatonin is essentially the hormone in your body that heals you at night and puts you in a dream state, helping you get a good night's rest.

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