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How to Handle Your Children's Halloween Candy Stash

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  What should you do with all of that candy your kids will collect tonight? There can be a real household battle if you try to take away your child's trick or treat booty. We talked to the experts at Sanford Health about what to do once the trick or treating is over. 

  Everyone is going to have a big bowl of candy after trick or treating, so how do you handle rationing it. It may surprise you, but Registered Dietician Kristen Liebl says parents should really let the kids take the lead on this.

  Kristen Liebl: "Really just make Halloween a positive experience and learning opportunity on how to manage sweets on their own."

  That means kids can have as much candy as they want on day one or even day two, but limits should be set after that.

  Liebl: "The more you restrict it... the more it's a battle with your kids. It's one day out of the year." 

  Kristen says kids typically lose interest after a day or two. And, if they eat too much they will quickly learn why that's not a good idea. Plus, she says all Halloween treats aren't all bad.

  Liebl "Not that we want to replace the food pyramid with candy, but there are some benefits... If you keep it in moderation."

 That being said... Kristen says parents should be aware of food allergies. If your child is allergic to peanuts or sensitive to food dyes... You should go through the treats before your child digs in.

  Kristen says her key rule for adults... Is to truly enjoy the treat you pick. Don't waste the calories on something you don't really like. She says it is alright to indulge... but do it in moderation.

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