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Local Passengers Experiencing Delays From Sandy

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Sandy continues to cause headaches for people on the east coast, travelers and even people here. Flights from Hector International Airport had a little trouble heading to Chicago today, because the city is on the edge of the storm. Also, people trying to get out east are having a tough time. Some people aren't even able to make trips that have been planned for months because of all the chaos. And if you're hoping to make it out there soon, odds are slim, that is, if you hope to fly.

Cindy Freeland flew in from Texas and says, "Supposed to have been here at 4, now I'm here. I don't even know what time it is."

It's been a long day for Cindy Freeland. The storm on the east coast is causing travel problems across the U.S.

"Caused all my planes to be late," says Freeland.

Two of her flights were delayed, she had to switch carriers and on top of that, Sandy lost her luggage.

Freeland says, "It'll be here sometime today, I hope, or else I'll be wearing these clothes when I leave."

"We've had very few incidents here," says Hector International Airport Executive Director, Shawn Dobberstein. He says most flights have been fine, with a few exceptions. A flight coming to Fargo from Chicago, which was on the end of the storm, was canceled.

While most flights coming in and out of Fargo are relatively on time, you might run into problems elsewhere.

Dobberstein says, "Getting from those hub cities into those airports is probably slim or none."

And if you NEED to get somewhere on the east, Dobberstein suggests having a back up plan; like taking a flight close to your destination and then driving.

As for Cindy, she's spending two weeks in Fargo, and hoping that's enough time for the weather, and flight schedules to smooth out.

"I'm hoping I'll get on my flight and get there," says Freeland.

The FAA is saying that it will take seven to ten days to get flights running smoothly. And that's once all the airports are back open, which could be days from now.

If you are planning on flying anywhere, Dobberstein says to get insurance on your trip. That way, you're covered if your flight gets canceled.

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