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Authorities in Otter Tail county say it was scheme that involved a planned murder, robbery, and arson.

Eight people have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Four from Fergus Falls and one from Erhard, Minnesota. The names of the other three aren't being released because they are minors. The group allegedly planned an attack to get back some stolen drugs, using brutal force.

Valley News Live went to Pelican Rapids, where folks didn't expect this kind of happening in their town.

On October 4th eight people showed up in Pelican Rapids off of 1st Ave. N. W. Allegedly to buy some pot and retrieve some that was stolen from them. Authorities say two people went inside equipped with bear mace and a knife. While the six others waited outside with a machete, lead pipes, a bat, and a can of gas. Reportedly they were planning to possibly kill, and then set the place on fire. But one of the occupants realized what was happening and came outside and fired his gun twice. Those shots are echoing across town.

Anwar Sharmake has lived in Pelican Rapids for seven years now, " I am shocked, big shock... My family is here, my brothers here, and I don't want something to happen to them. We don't even lock our house."

While Jaime Paulson says she knows that in her 36 years in town, things like this don't happen, "it doesn't happen in pelican not very often. Once every 20-30 years..."

The crew that showed up, fully armed, didn't come from Pelican Rapids. Most of them were from Fergus Falls. This is a small town, one that isn't comfortable with such a disturbing situation.

Otter Tail county Assistant Attorney Michelle Eldien says this case stands out, "the problem is everything people described as planned, actually was collaborated. We found gas cans, weapons at the location. Unfortunately if you don't react and something bad happens that's what you don't want to see."

Most residents in town that have heard about the case are on the same page. Hoping this incident, is a one time thing.

The three minors involved in this case, could likely be tried as adults. Fikret Saric who's accused of shooting back at the crew who showed up has also been charged. He is facing allegations of attempted murder.

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