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High Curbs in Jamestown Are Putting Residents in a Scrape

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It's an old routine for Jamestown resident James Morris, backing his car out of the garage to leave. But this is something new."Neighbors next door have the same problem so their car is in the streets," says Morris.

Morris says these curbs were installed about six weeks ago, after the city paved their once gravel street this summer, then the curbs were put in to fix a drainage problem here on the street.

"It's upsetting, because we can't use are driveway," says Morris.

"We used a rollover curb to maintain flow over on the street," says Reed Schwartzkopf, Jamestown City Engineer.

According to the city's engineer, the rollover curb has been used in neighborhoods all across the country, and says he doesn't believe this one is too high.

"No, as I told staff, some one could come agree it's one or two inches higher in elevation," says Schwartzkopf.

But he says the homes on the side of the street Morris home was built, were built too low in the first place."It's not perfect but we haven't found any other way to fix it," says Schwartzkopf.The city says if the neighborhood wants the curbs cut, they'll do it, but only if they sign a waiver saying the residents will be held liable for any flooding that takes place.

Morris believes it's a problem the city needs to fix."Give us a curb without having us sign our life away," says Morris.

The city engineer says that when they started talking to the neighborhood a year ago about paving the street, they gave the residents options that would help with the drainage problem.They say the option they chose was not the best one presented.

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