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"Battle in Boca:" The Final Presidential Debate

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President Obama and republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney were both on the offensive  during their final of three debates before the election. From Libya to China, they took on a wide range of foreign policy issues, even dipping into domestic policy at points.

The "Battle in Boca" was a seated affair, moderated by Bob Schieffer of CBS. First up: Libya, But the candidates sped past the subject into broader middle east policy and the President drew first blood.

"Your strategy, previously, has been one that's been all over the map," said President Obama. 

Mitt Romney responded, "Attacking me is not an agenda. And attacking me is not going to help with the challenges in the middle east."

The conversation moved to Syria but quickly veered off foreign policy and into the U.S. economy.

President Obama said, "Making sure that we are bringing manufacturing jobs here to our shores, so we are creating jobs here as we've done with the auto industry."

"I know what it takes to create 12 million new jobs and rising take home pay," Romney fired back. "And what we've seen over the last four years is something I don't want to see over the next four years."

Schieffer steered the debate back to Iraq and Iran when Romney accused the President of making America look weak.

"And then the President began what I call an apology tour, of going to various nations in the middle east and criticizing America," Romney explained. 

The President reacted saying, "Nothing the governor just said is true. Starting with this notion of an apology tour. This has been the biggest whopper of this campaign."

Romney remained more sedate in this debate . While the president repeatedly attacked Romeny's grasp of foreign policy. "1980s are now calling and asking for their foreign policy back, because the cold war has been over for 20 years!" The President joked. 

After three debates it's clear both campaigns are correct on one point: These are two very different men, with very different visions fighting for the very same job.

Viewers seemed to respond to President Obama's attacks. A CBS news snap poll of the debate shows 53% of uncommitted voters believe President Obama won the debate, compared to 23% for Mitt Romney.

Romney's best score in the CBS debate poll came on the issue of China, but even on that issue he only managed to tie President Obama" 50% to 50%.

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