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Notorious '60s Drug Returns to the Area

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Back in August a man was found dead in a car, just south of Fergus Falls. An autopsy shows Thomas Rasmusson's death was caused by an overdose of meth and heroin.

Heroin is a drug dating back to the 60's. it's resurgence, not only here, but across the country has folks concerned and asking a lot of questions.

Valley News Live spoke with a recovering addict today about how the drug is back on the streets and just as dangerous as ever.

In Fergus Falls authorities wouldn't say that heroin is their biggest problem, but definitely one of the most disturbing trends making its way back. "The level of heroin use in relation to all the other drugs in our community is still very low. What we are noticing however is 5-10-15 years ago we had zero to very little use of heroin what so ever." Says Lt. Terry Eldien of the Fergus Falls police department.

The drug that was popular in the 60's is likely coming from metropolitan areas according to authorities. Back in the 80's it was cocaine, then in the 90's meth, now heroin is making it back on the street. A 20 year old Fergus Falls man didn't want to be identified, he's been clean of heroin for three years now and says heroin is a killer, "some of my friends and I have lost some good friends to heroin and I think it's time it stops."

Law enforcement really haven't had to deal with heroin abuse for nearly 30 years and while you might think the demographic of someone who'd abuse that drug, would be in some back alley or maybe a wanderer. But it's actually more likely that they ran out of prescription medications. Medications like opiates that they've likely abused, and now law enforcement say it's becoming a problem in the suburbs.

The recovering heroin user we spoke with says prescription med's is exactly how it started with him, "anybody who has experience with opiates or painkillers, that's where it all starts with a gateway drug."

Lt. Eldien explains the type of folks they've encountered using heroin, "I know in our community we're seeing a middle class use at this point."

It can be snorted, smoked, or injected. Authorities warn that it can absolutely kill you and one former user says you don't want to go down that road. "Whoever may or may not hear this, you still have an opportunity to change and you always can better yourself, you can go to rehab, treatment, anything..."

In Fargo and Moorhead police are combating the heroin problem too. They emphasize that prescription med's are often the gateway drug. If you have expired or unused pills, they say it's best to get them out of your home.

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