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Crookston Bishop says No to Same Sex Marriage

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  The Catholic Church is not pulling any punches regarding its position on same-sex marriages in Minnesota. A yes vote would ban them.

  Bishop Michael Hoeppner has even taken his lobbying efforts online.

Bishop Michael Hoeppner, www.Crookston.org: "Pope Benedict was reminding us that it's our mission as a church to proved a public witness to truth for the good of our society… to hold marriage as a unique relationship between one man and one woman is not discrimination by any sort, because that's a unique union. A union of people of the same gender cannot be."

Chris Stoner works with gay rights advocacy groups at UND. He says the church is simply confusing people. They're not asking for the church's blessing.

Chris Stoner, Gay Rights Advocate: "People a lot of times confuse legal marriage with religious celebrations of marriage and this amendment is about legal marriages. It's about the privileges and rights that come with a legal contract between 2 adults."

  Stoner says same-sex marriages are all about giving everyone the same legal rights.

Chris Stoner: "Yes, there are hundreds of State level and Federal level benefits to marriage, related to taxes, related to inheritance benefits, the ability to visit your partner in a hospital.

Bishop Hoeppner: "Catholics are good citizens. And we as Catholics believe we have the right, which we do and we also have an obligation to take a good, active part in our political life. So, that's what we're encouraging people to do."

    Minnesota Governor, Mark Dayton and President Obama have in favor of supporting same-sex marriages.

  According to his web site, Republican, Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney says he would try to implement a new, federal constitutional amendment to ban it.


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