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"Peeping Tom" In Glyndon

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There's something strange in a valley neighborhood... lurking around people's yards, gobbling and looking in their windows.

Karen Barbee of Glyndon says, "He just wanders up and down our block."

He could be in your back yard... peering in your windows.

Hailey Barbee of Glyndon says, "Didn't know if it was mean or nice or it would hurt anybody."

Or he could be luring your kids.

Garrett Barbee of Glyndon says, "He was plucking it in our hands."

"One time I saw him fly up on the roof," says Drake Barbee of Glyndon.

He is a peeping Tom! A male turkey, of course. And we caught him in the act. But he's not the scary kind.

Karen says, "Good personality. The kids feed him. He doesn't go after them or anything."

You could call him the Glyndon Gobbler, because he's been strutting around town for around five months, but most people just call him Roger. He wanders the streets, is known to hold up traffic on Highway 10 and will eat anything you throw his way.

Karen says, "There was another one for a bit, then it disappeared. This one hasn't gone anywhere."

He roams alone and has to fend for himself. And if this is a sign of what's to come... Then Roger better watch out!

Karen says, "Jokes on facebook about who's going to shoot him."

"People have b3een talking about killing him, which would make us sad," says Hailey.

He's got a lot of people on his side. But come Thanksgiving, if he's gone, we'll know what happened.

If you want to catch a peek at Roger the next time you're in the area, he hangs out just off Highway 10, fittingly, few blocks west of Partridge Avenue.

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