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Moms Reveal Big-Time Diaper Deals

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The cost of raising a child is an estimated $300,000 and when it comes to babies, just the cost of diapers may surprise you. Moms and experts explain where parents can save big bucks.

Jessica Stubbs, mother of 3 small children says she stocks up on diapers, a desperate hourly need, whenever she can. She was one of a group of moms who gathered to talk about the high cost of diapers.

"About 70 to 80 dollars a month," Stubbs says. "He goes through a lot of them, like about ten, eleven a day."

"It's $45 a container, another mom says. "Usually, I get the biggest one I can buy and it's probably about $107 a month."

Deals on diapers are a must for moms and dads, too. Kevin Brasler is not only a dad who buys diapers, he's executive editor for Washington Consumers Checkbook.

"It depends on where you shop it also depends on how you shop," Brasler says.

For the first time ever, Washington Consumers Checkbook conducted a diaper price survey. It shopped for diapers at local grocery stores, warehouse club stores, drugstores, discounters and online.

"We found depending on where you shop you can spend $500 to $900 a year diapering just one kid," Brasler explains.

That's a difference of 400-dollars per child each year. Consumers checkbook found there are deals on diapers moms and dads won't want to miss. It found some of the best prices on diapers at Target, Costco, Sams club, and BJs.

No surprise, Checkbook found buying in bulk helped save money; the more diapers per package, the lower the per-unit price. Buying a box of diapers with more than 120 diapers will likely save you 15-20%.

This may be a surprise: Checkbook found rock bottom prices for brand name diapers online with Amazon. It's called "Amazon Mom," Part of its $79 annual Prime membership. Parents get two-day free shipping along with other perks.

These amazon moms love the price and diapers delivered right to their door:

"It's cheaper to buy online and then get free shipping."

"I think every mom knows what an ordeal it is to have to drive your children to the grocery store I'd rather gnaw my own arm off than have to do that."

Checkbook says cloth diapers have made a comeback. While cloth is more eco-friendly, Checkbook calls it the most cost efficient if you wash them yourself.

This mom uses cloth diapers: "It feels like the gift that keeps on giving, so when I do buy disposable diapers which I use a nighttime or during travel. It really feels like throwing money away."

Either way, using cloth or disposable, you can save hundreds of dollars on diapers each year if you know where to buy. The bottom line, Consumer's Checkbook says don't rule out generic brands, they are very cost efficient, but always try before you buy. Get a small package first and make sure the diapers work well for your child.

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