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Right now, you wouldn't know that NDSU was shut down earlier today. It looks like any other campus of higher education. Students are making their way around campus, the cafeteria is busy with students enjoying their Friday evening meal. Others are making their way to the library. At the Bison Sports Arena, we're told the cross country and track teams are working out. It's a school that seems to have settled down after a very unsettling event.

More than 20-thousand people had to be evacuated at NDSU this morning. The threat happened just before 10:00 a.m. after a bomb threat was called into one of the building's on campus. This is the third threat in three days. First at Fargo's Hector International Airport, then at the airport terminal in Grand Forks.

Officials opened the university back up around one o'clock, but that wasn't until a thorough search and evacuation took place after the threat was made.

First thing Friday morning, faculty and students at North Dakota State University were evacuated off campus after a bomb threat was made to the school. NDSU student Jamie Vander Vorst found out when she made it to class, "I showed up to class and there was a note saying get off campus and update later."

With more than fifteen thousand students and faculty members at NDSU,the university was able to evacuate the campus fairly quickly, thanks to the university's emergency response system. Students who signed up for the service got the alert through a phone call, "I got a phone call to be evacuated by 10:15." Says Tim Breider a student at NDSU.

The system also sends out a mass email, a helpful tool for situations like today's. NDSU's Dean Bresciani says the emergency scenario plan worked as it was intended, "immediate response has taken place, it's a scenario that we practice and planned for."

Once the campus was empty, local police and members of law enforcement began an extensive search. No bomb was found and they're not releasing many details about the mysterious call. Lt. Vettel of the Fargo PD kept the details of the call brief, "the caller did give specific details."

Officials aren't releasing any information on who the caller may be or what was said. But authorities we're satisfied with how smooth the evacuation played out. "We are comfortable with are number of resources on campus," says Lt. Vettel.

But by one o'clock, authorities were confident enough that the campus was safe and they opened the university back up. As students head back to class, police will continue to investigate the case in hopes to find out who was behind the threat.

Police are not saying whether or not this incident is related to the Fargo airport's threat or Grand Forks airport's threat. The University of Texas also reported a bomb threat this morning. Sixty six thousand people were evacuated there. No one was injured in either of these bomb threats.

Update: 12:46pm

NDSU will reopen at 1 p.m., classes to resume at 2

9:49 a.m.

The campus of North Dakota State University in Fargo is being evacuated this morning because of a bomb threat.

An emergency message sent out to students and posted on the university's website this morning ordered all students and employees to leave campus by 10:15 am.

"This is an emergency message from North Dakota State University. 

NDSU is requiring all employees and students to leave campus by 10:15 a.m. This includes residence hall students, who, if necessary, should walk to locations off campus. This also includes the downtown buildings and agricultural facilities. 

NDSU received a bomb threat, prompting this evacuation.  Updates will follow. 

Do not call local emergency numbers for further information in order to permit emergency lines to remain open for emergency calls.  Updates to this announcement will be made when information becomes available.  This message is authorized and transmitted by the University Police Communications Call Center."

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