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Back in 2004 Amanda Smock graduated from NDSU as one of the most decorated athletes the university has ever had. She was a three time NCAA national champ and a 13 time All American. Today all her tremendous training paid off, she got to compete in the Olympics. Valley News Live chatted with her former coach and friend who couldn't be more proud.

Today Amanda Smock, the only American athlete competing in the triple jump event, had her shot at something most athletes can only dream about. The Olympics.

"I think she's having the time of her life, why wouldn't you?" Says NDSU Head Track and Cross Country coach Ryun Godfrey.

Coach Godfrey remembers when Smock came to NDSU as a recruit. He knew they were fortunate to get her. As a freshmen she finished third place in the NCAA championships, and she let her coaches know then, that wasn't enough.

"To us as coaches that said a lot because she wasn't satisfied unless she was going to be winning. So you could tell from an early stage she was someone that was driven to win." Explains Godfrey.

By the time Smock graduated, she was rated 24th in the USA's triple jump competition. Four years later she was fifth. At the 2012 Olympic trials she ranked in at number one. But she's not just one of the best at the triple jump in the world, Godfrey says she's also humble.

"When she was up on the podium and they interviewed her and there were 20 thousand people there and they asked her what her thoughts were. She said the first thing that comes to mind is gratitude, all the thanks to everyone that's helped me along the way. That's Amanda! That's just the way she is."

So regardless of how today panned out, Smock will leave London soon. With an experience that would fill anyone with pride.

"You know it's a badge of honor that's gonna follow her the rest of her life. I can just imagine every job interview she goes through. I mean why wouldn't you put down Olympian on your resume." Says Godfrey.

Today Smock finished 27th out of 35 in the triple jump event. But don't count her out just yet. She told her former coach she plans on competing in the World Championships triple jump next year in Russia. She'll soon come back home to Minneapolis where she'll continue to train for that event with her husband who is also a Bison grad, and athlete.

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