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Keeping Children and Pets Safe

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Fireworks can be dangerous for children and pets if not used properly. When using fireworks you need to be aware of the potential problems and plan accordingly.

You don't want any special occasion to be ruined because of an injury or serious accident.

The first issue is the sound. Fireworks explosives can be noisy which is part of their appeal. But not to a small child. Some babies and toddlers are absolutely terrified of loud sounds. Don't think that by making them listen to them they'll "get over it". If you're children are scared of loud noises then save the fireworks until they're older when they can enjoy them.

You can't explain to your pets what fireworks are and why they shouldn't be scared. To them they are just extremely loud noises that hurt their ears. Keep your pets safely inside your house while fireworks are being used. If you're pet is extremely sensitive or nervous you might want to keep him in his crate and in a closed room. The further away from the noise they are the safer they'll feel. Plus, their crate is a safe, secure place where they comfortable.

There are several ways to make sure you use fireworks only is a safe and sensible way.

The first thing to do is only buy your fireworks from reputable companies. This means a company that's been in business for several years and has a reputation to maintain. A fly by night company may be buying cheap, poorly manufactured products. No matter how many precautions you take, you can't prevent potential problems when you're using shoddy products.

The next thing to remember is to always read and follow the directions on the fireworks. This is a hard rule to follow. Everyone assumes they already know what they're doing and they're excited to try the fireworks out. But for the sake of safety always take the time to read and follow all the directions on the products. Make sure your teenagers are aware of this rule, also.

Try to buy your fireworks in advance. This will give you more time to read the directions and plan where and when you'll use your products. If you wait until the last minute to pick up your fireworks your family will be anxious to use them and won't want to wait around while you study the instructions. Plus, you'll end up buying the leftover products that no one else wanted instead of having your choice of fireworks.

After you've purchased your fireworks store them a cool dry place. Don't keep them in the trunk of your car.

Here are a few other safety rules for using your fireworks safely:

  • Children should never use any type of fireworks without constant adult supervision.
  • As tempting as it might be, never try to create your own fireworks by mixing and matching several types of products together.
  • Don't try to spice up the effect of the fireworks by putting them within another object. This includes placing the fireworks in glass containers or under boxes or in metal cans.
  • Fireworks should be placed a safe distance from people, pets, dry grass and other flammable objects.
  • Don't throw fireworks or firecrackers at another person or a pet.
  • Always have a water source close-by just in case.
  • When all the fun is over, it's tempting to just walk away. But remember to pick up all the remains of your fireworks and dispose of them properly. Otherwise, pets and small children can find them.
  • Also, be sure and safely dispose of any unused fireworks.

By following a few simple precautions you can assure your children and pets are kept safe this July 4th.

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