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Vergas MN & their Hairy Man

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The Science Fiction Channel is in Vergas Minnesota, trying to get to the bottom of a hairy situation. The t-v network chases paranormal activity, and in Vergas there has been talk for years about sightings of a hairy man, like a bigfoot. Valley News Live traveled to the town of just over 300 where they are buzzing with curiosity.

We've all heard the stories but most of us refer to him as Sasquatch or bigfoot. But out here in Vergas and Klondike Minnesota they call him the hairy man. Since the 40's they've been seeing him in rural areas. Sherri Hanson of Vergas knows the area all too well, "people talk about just feeling something or hearing something out in that area." Kevin "smiley" Glawe grew up here too and knows the communities typical reaction when hairy man conversation starts brewing, "some people believe it some people don't, it's interesting."

It's been described by locals as tall, hairy, barefoot, anti-social and even a bit of a hermit. All over town you find residents who have heard of, even seen it. Hanson is just one of dozens around town who claim to have encountered it first hand. When she was just twelve her and her cousin brought their snowmobile out into rural Vergas for a ride. It was a ride she'll never forget.

"All of a sudden out of this building came this, what I describe as larger than what I would consider a human being. Covered with hair on his head, face, and body. And bare feet. It started chasing us," says Hason. 

 There are others too. Kevin Glawe was told about the hairy man by his college roommate who showed him the aftermath of his damaged car. Whatever it was jumped out of nowhere just off of the highway into his buddies car. Glawe himself had a hard time buying into the story until he noticed how shook up his friend was and how beat up the vehicle was.

"Nobody believed him until he took us down to his car and showed us the dent in the hood and scratches on the hood. That's what he said was the gorilla type hairy man," says Glawe.

So if you do make it out to Vergas, or out to a section of desolate woods for that matter, maybe a bit of caution isn't a bad idea. Hanson says after seeing what she saw she'll never look at her plot of land at night the same,"if I was rational about it I'd say no there is absolutely nothing to fear. But I can't explain the feelings I get when I'm out there alone."

The episode on Vergas is expected to run this summer in July or August on the SYFY Channel. It's all part of a paranormal investigation show.

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