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Last Minute Marathon Training & Advice

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With the marathon just five days away, experts say for the most part training is over and you should be resting up for race day. That goes for people who haven't started training as well. "There's nothing that someone's going to do today or this week that can help them on Saturday", says Kendall Railing, a Sanford Exercise Specialist.


Railing lists advice for what runners should be doing not only this week but on race day as well.   


Rest and Relaxation

Any training you do this week is not going to benefit you for the race ahead.  Yes, do a little running to stay loose, but for the most part, keep it easy.  It is better to be a pound under trained than an ounce over -trained.  

With the extra time you have because of the lack of training, finish that book you have been reading for months, finish some light home projects, spend extra time with the kids, get a massage 3-4 days prior to the race, take a couple extra naps this week. 


Verify Race Registration

The last thing you want to deal with when picking up your race packet is to find out they don't have you registered.  Go to www.fargomarathon.com to check it out. 


Trim your Toe Nails

This is important.  You're going to be on your feet for 2.5 hours to 7 hours.  This can prevent any lost toe nails or toe nails that are digging into another toe.  If you've ever run a marathon you know what I am talking about.  If this is your first, trust me on this one.

Do this early in the week in case you accidentally cut one too short.  


Clean your Kicks

Dig the pebbles out of the bottom of your shoes.  Take out your insoles and run your hand into your shoe and see if you feel anything in there.  Chances are you will find some tiny pebbles.   Inspect and clean your insoles.  Finally, check your shoe laces to make sure they are in good shape.  A broken shoe lace before the race will certainly send you into a frantic frenzy finding another lace. 


Download and Delete Data on your GPS

If you're using GPS to track mileage splits, pace, time, etc… download all you data onto a computer and then delete the information.   This will prevent the

Also make sure your watch is fully charged prior to the race.  Finally, when at the Fargo Dome, step out early and let your watch pick up the satellites.  


Stock your SPI Belt

SPI Belt is an expandable band that can fit around your waist that allows you to carry needed nutrition, identification, music device, and anything else you would like in there.  I have seen smart phones fit into them along with other personal necessities.   The nice thing about SPI Belt is that it provides nutrition when you want/need it and fits snug to your waist, keeping items from bouncing up and down in an annoying way.  Believe me after 20 miles it doesn't take much to annoy someone. 


Band Aids and Glide

Possibly a marathoner's best friend.   If you have problems with chaffing make sure to have some Glide or other product available to help prevent this.  Chaffing can make for a miserable experience.  Band Aids are great if you have problems with your nipples chaffing and eventually bleeding.  This is more common that you think.  


Fuel Up Early

Make sure to get some calories prior to the run.  Everyone has a certain time and certain comfort food they like to eat prior to running.  Remember food is fuel.   Also make sure to be hydrating.  A great way to tell if you are hydrated is the color of your urine.  If it is yellow, drink more water.  If it is clear, excellent.  Keep drinking here and there prior to the race.


Arrive Early

With thousands of vehicles and people converging on the Fargo Dome have a plan to get to the Dome early.  As you're stopped on the interstate you can become a little anxious when your race starts in 30 minutes. 


Know the Course

Yes 26.2 miles is 26.2 miles but when your unfamiliar with the course and the course is taking you further away from the finish line when all you want to do is get to the finish line it can be disheartening. 


Have a Race Plan(s)

                Be realistic with yourself and your training.  Run the conditions and also the level that you trained at. 

                Don't expect to run a PR in miserable conditions. 


Hot Weather

If it's going to be hot wear loose, wicking material.   A visor is better than a regular cap because it allows more heat to escape from the top of your head.  Sunglasses can prevent squinting and help with keeping relaxed.  Sweat resistant sun screen could be important if you are of fair skin and burn easy.  Don't forget the top of your head and your ears. 


Cold Weather

If it's going to be cold (this is a matter of personal perspective) a compression layer will keep you warmer.  Keep in mind you are going to heat up with running and the temperatures can change to warmer to hot as you progress in your run.  So have some foresight.  A little cold at the beginning is better than too hot during the run. 

If it is cold while you are waiting for the start of the race, wear clothing that you wouldn't mind discarding (and never seeing again) when the race starts or if the weather heats up.


Post Race

Congratulations!!!  You Did it.  Now it is important to get some dry clothes on.  Your body temperature is going to drop quickly and dry clothes can keep your body temperature more stable. 


Chow down on the race goodies and make sure to replenish your fluids with water, sports drink, chocolate milk, etc….  AVOID alcohol after the race. 


If you have family or friends waiting to see you at the Fargo Dome, establish a location to meet them at.  With thousands of people at the Dome it can be challenging to find who you are looking for.  


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