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Car Crashes into House

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3105 9 1/2 Street North, Fargo 3105 9 1/2 Street North, Fargo


A family is left dealing with tens of thousands of dollars of damage after a driver crashes into their home.

"Oh, the whole house shook just like an earthquake," says homeowner, Truman Olson, who woke up to the loud bang.

George Roy of West Fargo is facing charges that include DUI, reckless endangerment and fleeing an accident. Roy is still in the hospital for injuries he suffered during the crash. He's requested no release of his condition.

It happened a little after 1 am Monday morning at Truman Olson and Peggy Sheldon's home in North Fargo. Police say Roy lost control of his car, skidded across the boulevard and crashed through the wooden fence and into the house.

"I had no clue if an airplane touched the top of the house or something," says Olson. "It was just incredible. [I] looked down here at our family room and saw a car bumper sticking in here."

You can tell it was a loud bang by looking at the pieces of concrete brick scattered across the floor. Truman Olson came downstairs to debris everywhere -- the floor literally swept under their feet.

"Slid the floor from that wall, pushed out this," Olson says while showing us the floor that shifted from the impact.

He immediately told his wife, Peggy, to call 911.  Truman and Peggy say the impact of this crash was so strong that the entire house shook. By the Truman could walk out to see if everyone was okay, the driver had already ran off.

"By the time I got out there, the car was empty," says Olson. "I did see blood in the car."

What they couldn't see, they smelled -- Truman says the crash snapped the gas line to their fire place causing a leak. Firefighters cleared the air quickly, but were concerned about whether the couple should stay there for now.

"We might have to find a hotel," says Olson.

Truman says it may take all summer to get everything back to where it was. As police spent the day reconstructing the scene, he's hoping the driver is okay.

"I don't want anyone to suffer from it," Olson says. "I'm sure he's going to learn a lesson."

It didn't take long for police to catch Roy. He was a few blocks away from Truman and Peggy's home.


People in North Fargo home got a rude awakening overnight, waking up to a loud crash and finding a car in their living room.

It happened after 1:00a.m. Monday morning at 3105 9 1/2 Street North in Fargo. The homeowner, Truman Olson, says he was sleeping at the time and was awoken to the sound of the crash. He said he said right after the crash there was a lot of dust flying around inside the home.  Olson says the driver destroyed his living room and brick fireplace.

Police say they believe there was just one person in the car, and it appears the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed. Witnesses told them they heard a loud screech just before the car took out a fence and hit the Olson house.

Officers say the driver fled the scene, but collapsed and was tracked down a few blocks away. He was taken to the hospital with what is believed to be a head injury and multiple scrapes. His condition is not known.

Authorities pulled the car out of the home around 2:40 Monday morning. Crews also checked the home to make sure there was not a natural gas leak caused by the crash.

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