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Anger Room

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  Have you ever been so mad that you wanted to smash something with a baseball bat?

  Well, there's a place for you to do that, legally and safely.

  It's hard to tell, but anna is in the hospitality business.

  Anna Rhees, Customer: "Sometimes you're at work and you want to throw a printer against the wall. I got to throw a printer against the wall."

  Anna is also a client at the anger room... a north Dallas business where you can let out your anger... one swing at a time.

  The calmest person in the room... is also the boss... Donna Alexander... and her list of customers might surprise you.

  Donna Alexander, The Anger Room: "Restaurant employees, peoples from hospitals, attorneys, psychiatrists and their patients."

  They all suit up... to smash away their everyday problems.

  Donna Alexander, The Anger Room: "Girlfriend and boyfriend problems. I get that of lot. Boss problems, where they're mad."

  After years of verbal abuse from working at call centers... Donna turned her days of seeing red... into green.

  Donna Alexander, The Anger Room: "Stress and anger will never go away as long as we're human and the human race is still alive, I'll never go broke."

  Her clients leave tired... and like Donna... all have a smile on their face.

  Donna Alexander, The Anger Room: "Are you angry? No I'm not angry! (laughs)

  A visit to the anger room costs from $25 to $75. For a few dollars more, they can make it look like your workplace.

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