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What are the Strange Sounds

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Strange noises heard around the world the last few weeks has YouTube buzzing. Clips posted from Arizona to England. And right next door in Manitoba, all showing folks alarmed by what sounds like a noise straight out of a science fiction flick. There's only theories at this point as to any explanation for the strange sound.@

It's kind of like watching a scary movie, the background noise gives the viewer that same vibe as when something terrible is about to happen. Some students at NDSU can only speculate as to what it is.

Blake Segerholm says it's possible the noise is in fact coming from above, "I guess I'm not there but, they must be hearing something." While others are more skeptical like Burton Fischer, "it's too outrageous to actually believe, it really is."

Videos started showing up on YouTube months ago all with that same moaning, groaning, metal on metal sound. Some are calling it a harp like noise. It's especially eerie because even with the millions of views on YouTube and the thousands that ultimately heard the noise first hand, even experts can't explain what the noises are. A Physicist at NDSU says to pinpoint where the noise is coming from at this point would be speculation, "no, I wouldn't be able to tell certainly not from the videos there are."

An Oxford University graduate Alexander Wagner of NDSU's Physics Department has little in theory about the noise. He says most of the clips have a low frequency pitch. But Wagner says the sound isn't necessarily coming from above, "even if you have a snowplow, you hear the snow plow and you think it's from over there. Then you see, oh it's driving there. And you really can't tell because we have a very bad ability to locate low frequency noise."

So even if the noise is coming from somewhere in the atmosphere, or perhaps a train track down the block, these videos have the Internet buzzing. Until we have more fully documented cases of how far the sounds reached, and how long the humming lasted, Wagner said it's anyone's guess as to what the sounds actually are, or where they're coming from "it might be there's some actual sound that people hear all around the world. It might be that it's an Internet phenomenon that people think is really really funny, to put scary videos like that on the Internet."

The closest case to the Fargo Moorhead area of weird sounds coming out of thin air was in Manitoba Canada. There folks claim to have heard the noises for miles.  In Manitoba some experts are partially crediting the noise to electro magnetic waves in the atmosphere.

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