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Bison Defeat ISU 27-16

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With three minutes left in the game, the Sycamores attempted an onside kick. NDSU was prepared for it, however, and grabbed the ball at the ISU 40. Running the clock, the Herd drove slowly forward, making it to the ISU 11 before time ran out. The game ended at 27-16, NDSU.

The first quarter began with Indiana State University on the offensive. From their own 34, they were unable to gain ground before having to hand the ball to the Bison.
The first Bison offensive was led by Ryan Smith, with three large plays bringing the Herd into Sycamore territory. Offensive penalties, however, kept them from driving deep. From the ISU 23, Ryan Jastram was brought out for a field goal. The 39-yard attempt was successful, bringing the game to an early 3-0, Bison.
ISU answered during their next possession, with an explosive 59-yard gain bringing them to the NDSU 10. Red zone defense kept them at bay, and the Sycamores went for a field goal from the 4, bringing the game to 3-3.
With the ball again, Bison offense drove steadily forward. With ease, they consistently completed moderate plays, bringing them to the ISU 30. Jensen threw from the 30, completing a pass to Holloway at the 1 for the first touchdown of the game. The extra point brought the game to 10-3, NDSU.
Holding true to their reputation for explosive performance, Indiana State's next offensive saw a 30-yard pass and a 21-yard pass back to back against Bison defense, bringing them to the NDSU 4. An end-zone pass to Michael Mardis and an extra point brought the game back an even 10-10 early in the second quarter.
Bison offense showed their own explosive power during the next possession. With a return by Marcus Williams landing the Bison at the ISU 46, three nearly consecutive first downs quickly brought NDSU into the red zone. From the 7, Jensen gave the ball to Sam Ojuri for another Bison touchdown. The extra point brought the game to 17-10, Bison.
The Herd's defense came out strong, stuffing ISU in the midway of their own territory. After a total gain of just 3, they had to return the ball.
The next Bison offense was halted by a deep 13-yard sack, stopping them at their own 39. The back-and-forth continued, as ISU and NDSU both experienced another halted drive by their opponent's defense.
Late in the second quarter during an ISU possession, linebacker Carlton Littlejohn experienced an injury that stalled the game and resulted in him getting hauled off the field by paramedics. The Sycamores continued on with just seconds left on the clock, charging to the bison 23. A field goal attempt was incomplete, ending the half at 17-10, Bison.
NDSU started the second half with an uneventful possession. Earning just 6 yards, the Bison had to hand the ball to the Sycamores. Sycamore offense was countered by an early interception by Colten Heagle, earning Bison offense possession at the ISU 48.
Driving forward 9 yards, NDSU decided to try for it on fourth and 1. Strong Sycamore defense kept the Herd at bay, however, and ISU found themselves with the ball once again.
ISU drove to the Bison 22 before three failed passes put them at fourth and 9. Without a dedicated place kicker, they tried to convert. Bison defense stopped them in their tracks, giving NDSU the ball at the Bison 22.
NDSU's next possession was choppy, being forced to counter losses with lengthy drives. A personal foul against ISU brought the Herd to the ISU 35, but with little ground gained, NDSU ran the clock to end the quarter and regain their momentum from earlier.
Early in the fourth quarter, the Bison charged forward to the 12, before Ryan Jastram came out for a successful field goal, bringing the game to 20-10, Bison.
ISU and NDSU both had three and outs before any significant gains were earned. A later fumble by ISU at their own 14 put the ball in the hands of the Bison. With moderate gains from there, D.J. McNorton ran it in from the 3 for another Bison touchdown. The extra point brought the game to 27-10, Bison.
Both ISU and NDSU went three and out again before any major plays were completed. ISU's next offensive was marked by major gains, landing them at the NDSU 1 for an offensive battle. Two incomplete passes were answered with a touchdown, but a failed two-point conversion left the game at 16-27, Bison.


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