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Stand-Off: Lakota Family's Ties to Radical Group

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  We have new information regarding a Lakota, North Dakota family's standoff with the law, and their ties to a radical group.

  Rodney and Susan Brossart, their daughter Abby and sons, Thomas, Alex and Jacob all face arrest warrants for a standoff with deputies in June. Three of the sons are charged with pointing weapons at deputies, when they tried to search the Brossart's farm for missing cattle.

  At this point, Law Enforcement has not entered the Brossart farmstead and tried to arrest anyone.

  However, Nelson County Sheriff, Kelly Janke says quote: "Eventually, we'll have to put an end to this, one way or another."

Sheriff Kelly Janke, Nelson County: "I want to reach out to the Brossart family and have them turn themselves out... let the courts handle this from there."

  The Brossart's, are still holed up at their farm south of Lakota.

  Sheriff Janke says the Brossarts have been talking to Roger Elvick. He's the founder of an extremist group called the redemption. It holds the bizarre belief the government has secret bank accounts for every American and you have the right... to write checks against that account.

  The Southern Poverty Law Center in Alabama tracks groups like Elvick's around the Country.

Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center: "Roger Elvick spent most of the 1990's in prison for writing some $15-million in fake checks. What's really remarkable is how some of these people, a small minority surely, believe their ideology gives them the right to essentially open fire on police officers."

  The Center produced a video to inform law enforcement about radical groups.

Video: "Jerry and Joe Kane, father and son, who were involved in the 2 murders of 2 officers in west Memphis traveled around the Country giving seminars."

Jerry Kane: "That's what it's going to come down to. I'm going to have to kill and if I have to kill one then I'm not going to be able to stop. I just know it."

  And now with law enforcement confirming that the Brossart's have been talking with extremist, Roger Elvick, the situation seems dicey at best."

Reporter: "Are people like him... are groups like that dangerous?"

Kyle Loven, F.B.I.: They are dangerous. There's no question about it."

  Nelson County Sheriff, Kelly Janke tells Valley News Live, Brossart family members were seen out in their yard working today. But, Janke says they still haven't been able to make any contact with them. However, Janke says they're now working with several "third" parties to try and get the family to turn themselves in.

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