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Early mornings!

I used to get up at 5 a.m. and go fishing with my dad (Jack Kreil Sr.) back in the seventies (I was a teenager then). We would head out in the dark and find our usual spot by Buchanan bridge. My dad was a shore fisherman and used smelt back in the day. I learned much patience as we would bait the hook and cast out only to sit and wait and sit and wait and sit and wait.  Personally, I liked it best when we took worms and bobbers and fished the bluegill! But I never turned down a chance to fish. On the mornings when the fish ignored our smelt – after having asked to "check my hook" just so I had something to do – my alternative to keep busy was to borrow dads favorite jack knife and whittle sticks. After an appropriate whittle I would throw the stick in the water. On a very slow morning, I accidentally whittled and threw the jack knife in the water instead! And believe it or not – that fall when we hit our favorite spot by Buchanan bridge and the boredom set in with no fish biting, I walked the area and there was that jack knife!! The water had gone down (it actually did that in the old days) and there in the silt was the jack knife. I loved fishing with my dad.

- Karen Lee

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