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What NOT to Leave in a Hot Car

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Of course children and pets are the number one priority, but the scorching temperatures literally turning our cars into ovens and that can destroy other things left inside, too.

Here's a list from The Weather Channel of some surprising things can be ruined or even become dangerous if left inside hot cars.

First thing you do on a sunny day: Grab your sunglasses, but leaving these in the car could cause them to warp or the sunglasses with metal pieces can really heat up and burn you.

Your sunglasses are on, then it's time for some tunes. Many people have iPods or MP3s, but if you still have several cd's in your car, those also warp in the summer heat. The hot rays can also damage other electronics, like GPS's and cameras. The batteries in these items could leak acid.

Next on the list: I bet you didn't know leaving sunscreen or medicines in your car is a no-no. If they are exposed to too much heat, it could cause them to loose some of their potency.

We're now heading to the back seat of the car, which is usually the kids domain. You can find crayons that melt quickly creating a big mess.

Another thing many people don't think of: disposable lighters! They can actually explode in extreme temperatures.

Of course food is a biggy, too. Always make sure to unload all groceries, especially things like meat and dairy. Pop cans in a hot enough car can cause them to explode, and of course chocolate and candy can melt (but who really keeps chocolate that long any way?)

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