CEO Kelcy Warren says he is committed to working with North Dakota

All eyes are on Sen. Heitkamp when it comes to her vote for new Health Care Bill

Congressman Peterson discusses Diversion and the Farm Bill

Congressman Peterson says presidents UN speech was a wake up call

Governors sign letter urging Senate to pass repeal and replace on Health Care Bill

Our guests agree that Hillary Clinton's new book is a book of excuses

President Trump and Sen. Heitkamp becoming friends? Our guests say it isn't enough

Is President Trump draining the swamp or being sucked in?

Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, visits Minot

Immigration Attorney, David Chapman, breaks down the DACA program

President Trump saves DACA program, but wants more border security

Fargo Commissioner Gehrig breaks down new property tax bill

MHA Tribal Chairman says, "Without change, we're going to continue to suffer."

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is among the senators invited to the White House to talk about tax reform

NDSU Professor's full article on how college campuses are becoming bias towards right-wing minds

Fargo Mayor, Tim Mohoney, talks details surrounding the F-M Diversion Lawsuit

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