Congressman Kevin Cramer tells all after winning the primary election

MUST WATCH: Dennis Rodman says Obama blew him off when it came to his message from North Korea

Senator John Hoeven says, "we have a long ways to go."

President Trump, Kim Jong-Un and the ultimate agreement made

President Trump says he will know in about "1 minute," if Kim Jong-Un is serious

Robert De Niro uses Tony Awards to say, "F Trump"

Did the G7 Summit fix the disagreement on Tariffs?

Should farmer be prepared for a possible trade war?

How we can help our teens beat drug abuse

Bismarck Mayor Mike Seminary says, "I made a mistake..."

Students who were not allowed to wear their National Guard stoles are now seeking a policy change

Senator Hoeven joins president to sign in VA Mission Act

Sen. Klobuchar shares MAJOR news about the Farm Bill

Bismarck Mayor looking at budget cuts 1 week prior to election

Vermont to pay people $10,000 to work from home

The debate over the Eagles not attending the White House Celebration continues

Rep. Cramer's new ad declares that "we all like Heidi"

Representative Ertelt pushes for people of Lisbon to vote NO on Measure 2

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