FrackNation film crew "Scared for their life" at Dakota Access Pipeline Main Camp

Gov. Dayton releases statement on individual health insurance market

Congressman Kevin Cramer Certain Army Corps will Issue Permit for DAPL

Jacqueline Policastro previews the third presidential debate

Monologue: Do you think Democrats are committing voter fraud?

MN State Senate candidate James Leiman gives his take on healthcare and more

What should be done about the Minnesota healthcare situation?

Activist Winona LaDuke discusses the Dakota Access Pipeline and more

Morton County Sheriff responds to Democracy Now reporter Amy Goodman Charges

Sen. Kent Eken discusses MN healthcare, refugee resettlement, and the FM Diversion

Congressman Cramer to deliver weekly Republican address

Letter to President Obama from SRST Chairman Archambault highlight DAPL opposition by city governments

Senator Bernie Sanders and other legislators call for DAPL construction to halt

Sheriff Laney says Some of the Protesters are "looking for a confrontation"

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Marvin Nelson discusses the FM Diversion and DAPL

ND Governor Jack Dalrymple responds to Chairman Archambault Recent Comments

President Bill Clinton calls Trump supporters, "Standard Rednecks"

Rep. Marvin Nelson discusses the ND DHS and refugee resettlement

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