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Here's how stress in your brain may cause heart troubles

Men who eat lots of red meat are at risk for a painful gut disorder

The toll poverty akes on children's mental health

Study casts more doubt on the value of mammograms

Cancer Deaths Fell 25 Percent Since 1991

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Health trends not worth keeping in 2017

Prognosis for Rx in 2017: more painful drug-price hikes

"We're all a work in progress": Doctors share inspiring New Year's resolutions

Are male or female doctors better for patients?

Mylan Releases $300 Generic EpiPen After Price Hike Outrage

Hearing loss may be on the decline in U.S. adults

Abortion not harmful to women's mental health, study says

How optimism may help you live longer

Baby teether study finds many contain potentially harmful chemicals

C-section births may give rise to evolutionary changes

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