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Obesity may rob the tongue of taste buds, study in mice finds

Highly contagious mumps virus strikes among vaccinated young adults

When does a sick passenger on a plane pose a health risk?

Kids with severe head injuries may develop ADHD later on, study finds

Americans binge 17 billion drinks a year, CDC says

Daytime sleepiness may be warning sign of Alzheimer's

Arianna Huffington: Better sleep improves every aspect of our lives

Want better sex? Try getting better sleep

NBA's Kevin Love opens up about bouts with panic attacks, mental health

Could this heart-healthy diet also help with depression?

Scientists say they've reversed Alzheimer’s in mice

Rare set of identical triplets born at Kansas City hospital

Are coffee and booze the secret to a long life?

Too many selfies? You may have "selfitis"

Patients, doctors turn to acupuncture amid America's opioid crisis

Jimmy Carter 'deathly afraid' as wife Rosalynn underwent surgery

Nearly half of elementary school’s students out with flu

This is your brain on prayer and meditation

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