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EPA urged to act on toxic chemicals White House called "PR nightmare"

State to choose medical marijuana dispensaries in Fargo, Bismarck

Health officials: 72 cases of illness linked to Minnesota campground

Boxers vs. briefs and your chances of becoming a dad

Can too much sleep be bad for you?

Critics outraged over EPA's proposal on asbestos

Maternal mortality: An American crisis

Health experts say parents need to drastically cut kids' screen time

"Snapchat dysmorphia": Selfies, photo filters driving people to plastic surgery, doctors say

Study: Obesity increases severity of flu virus

Taking a 2-week break from exercise could have a lasting impact on your body

How does dog saliva turn into a life-threatening infection?

Behind at-home DNA testing companies sharing genetic data with third parties

Hand, foot, and mouth disease cases flare up in several states

Man's legs amputated after dog's licks lead to infection, family says

USDA issues alert about salads, wraps due to parasite worry

Advances in IVF testing spurring debate over "mosaic" embryos

Your dreams could be an early clue to Parkinson's disease

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