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Sleep apnea patient finds rest with implant device: "It saved my life"

Procter & Gamble looking to stop dangerous "Tide Pod Challenge" trend

Parkinson's disease: What to know about Neil Diamond's diagnosis

Sushi lover pulled 5-foot tapeworm from his intestines

Sushi lover pulls 5 1/2-foot tapeworm out of his body

Michael Phelps: Helping others with depression "light years better" than Olympic gold

Passenger with measles may have exposed others at Chicago airport

Trump's doctor says president is in excellent health

Doctors warn why you should never stifle your sneeze

Sunday is last day to sign up for 2018 MNsure coverage

Julia Louis-Dreyfus marks chemo end with 'Beat It' video

FDA approves first drug to treat inherited breast cancer

Teens are eating laundry detergent for the "Tide Pod Challenge"

James Patterson investigates Aaron Hernandez's life and death in a "48 Hours" special

Serena Williams says she had health scare after baby's birth

Gov. Burgum establishes addiction recovery, treatment office

Cataract surgery may help women live longer, study suggests

"Alarming" rise in eye injuries from BB, pellet and paintball guns in kids

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