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Even the eyelashes freeze: Russia sees minus 88.6 degrees

This is how cold we were to end December and begin January

Wind chill at Mount Washington in New Hampshire drops to minus 90 degrees

UPDATE: Man found dead in subzero temps in Bismarck not homeless

International Falls breaks 93-year-old record at 37 below

Extremely cold temperatures could last a couple weeks

Massive storm system brings record snowfall to the Deep South

Warmer temps have kids walking on thin ice

Staying safe around the home this winter

How to stay safe outdoors this winter

This is how you stay safe while driving this winter

Outlooks show colder, snowier winter than the last few years

Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 5 storm as it targets Caribbean, U.S.

Hurricane Harvey, hours from landfall, becomes Category 4 storm

National Weather Service releases survey on Tuesday's tornadoes

Crews survey damage from Wednesday's tornadoes

Multiple Funnels touch down near Hatton, ND

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