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A look back at the biggest moments from the 2016 campaign trail

Electoral College set to make Trump's win official

Wisconsin recount to begin Thursday

Preparations in full-swing for Donald Trump's Presidential Inauguration

As President-elect Trump gets to work, filling out his cabinet a top priority

Anti-Trump protesters march through St. Paul

Control of Congress up for grabs Tuesday

Election Day 2016: A historic moment arrives

Comey tells Congress FBI has not changed conclusion

Fearful of a Trump win Mexican politicians ready contingency plan

Congressman Kevin Cramer wants hearings into media bias regarding presidential campaign

The Supreme Court and the presidential candidates

How can you cope with election stress?

FBI finds state department emails on Weiner laptop

WikiLeaks have distracted, but not ruined, Clinton campaign

Obama on FBI: We don't operate on innuendo

Report: FBI concludes no truth to rumors Donald Trump has ties to Russian government

Justice Department and Clinton aide's lawyers in talks to permit email search

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