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CR: Convert your home movies to digital

Chevrolet feature lets drivers pay for gas without leaving their car

Americans waste nearly a pound of food each per day, study finds

Michael Phelps dives into fatherhood, water conservation

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Tax day freebies: Here are some of the best deals

Why credit card signature requirements are now a thing of the past

CR: Best laundry detergents

Financial loss may lead to an early death, study suggests

CR: Can social media help you avoid food poisoning?

Are "smart hotels" a danger to privacy?

Facebook stock rebounds after FTC investigation news

Controversy over new, lightly pot-infused soda, California Dreamin'

Craigslist closes personals section in U.S.

Furniture tip-over dangers: CR's exclusive new testing

Timing flight reservations for best deals

Saving some of your tax refund could win you a cash prize

How to read between the lines of Airbnb listings

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